2015 Accomplishments

More Served and Better Outcomes

PEI prevention programs served 75,449 people in FY 2015, an increase of almost 4.5 percent from FY 20142. The number of PEI providers also increased from 52 to 63 over the same period. 

These services help youth avoid trouble with the law, strengthen families, and help them avoid getting involved with Child Protective Services.

  • 32,282 youth served by PEI-funded programs did not enter the juvenile justice system in FY 2015.
  • 10,679 parents served by PEI programs experienced an increase in factors that prevent abuse and neglect.
  • 2,174 children who were at risk of abuse or neglect did not enter the child welfare system.

Parent Education

PEI continued its child abuse prevention campaign called “Help for Parents, Hope for Kids” with an online/mobile media campaign in the summer of 2015. One of the goals of the ad campaign was to connect parents and youth with the prevention services offered by PEI's STAR (Services to At-Risk Youth) program as well as the Texas Youth Hotline

PEI also developed new TV ads and instructional videos to help parents deal with stress points that often lead to abuse, such as potty training, constant crying, etc.

  • As a result of the FY 2015 media campaign, 152,574 people visited the campaign website to view 316,753 pages in the two months of the ad campaign. STAR served 392 more youth and families in FY 2015 than in FY 2014.
  • STAR served 392 more youth and families in FY 2015 than in FY 2014.
  • While phone calls to the Texas Youth Hotline have been declining for many years, the hotline fielded 273 percent more chats and texts in FY 2015 than the year before.

Learn more about the campaign at www.HelpandHope.org.

2Clients served by more than one PEI program may be counted more than once.