More Served and Better Outcomes

In FY 2017, PEI served more than 64,000 youth and families, including 15,964 families through evidence-based home visiting programs, parent education, counseling and support services. Nearly all (99 percent) of children and youth remained safe while enrolled in PEI services, and their parents who were at risk of child abuse and neglect did not become confirmed perpetrators in a DFPS abuse or neglect investigation. PEI prevention programs also provided mentoring, youth-employment programs, career preparation, and alternative recreational activities to prevent delinquency for 48,313 youth. 

  • 98.5% of youth between ages 10 and 16 who were served by PEI-funded programs did not enter the juvenile justice system in FY 2017 (STAR & CYD).
  • 99.4% of parents who were served and at risk of child abuse or neglect did not become confirmed perpetrators in a DFPS abuse or neglect investigation during Fiscal Year 2017.

More Counties Benefit from PEI Services

Three PEI programs – Community Youth Development (CYD), Helping through Intervention and Prevention (HIP), and Healthy Outcomes through Prevention and Early Support (HOPES) – significantly expanded their reach during FY 2017. CYD added six ZIP codes in Hidalgo (78577), Lubbock (79403, 79404), Webb (78046), and Willacy (78580, 78569) counties to its previous 17-ZIP code service area. HIP expanded from 18 primary and 50 surrounding counties to 24 primary and 76 surrounding counties, and with its third cohort of providers, HOPES added five contractors covering nine additional primary counties. HOPES is now available through 21 contractors in 25 primary counties and 34 surrounding counties for a total coverage area of 59 counties or 23 percent of the state’s counties and 79% percent of the state’s child population.