More Accomplishments

Greater Outreach

As part of its public health approach, PEI partnered with the Texas Public Broadcasting Association to help normalize parents seeking help for the challenges they face and to drive viewers to PEI’s parenting resources on Facebook, YouTube, and PEI’s campaign websites. PBS affiliates ran an empathetic 30-second television spot more than 1,500 times in Amarillo, Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas/Fort Worth, Killeen/Temple/Waco, Lubbock, the Rio Grande Valley, and San Antonio, promoting PEI’s online parenting resource In addition, PEI and Texas PBS co-hosted family-oriented events and stakeholder forums in multiple communities.

In FY 2017, PEI also invested in a statewide media campaign that included more than 14,000 commercial TV ads in all Texas media markets in the month of April, as well as an online/mobile/social media advertising campaign that spanned eight months of the year. This resulted in 289,805 visits to the campaign website and prompted Texans to watch PEI’s animated educational videos to completion nearly one million times.

Better Data

In FY 2017, DFPS launched a new data system that is already transforming the way data is collected, captured, and analyzed at PEI. While the previous PEI and STAR data systems allowed users to enter data for reporting purposes, they were not user-friendly and lacked systemic checks on the validity of data. The new Prevention Early Intervention Reporting System (PEIRS) uses systematic checks on data quality, tasks, and reminders to collect assessments. It also supplies real-time reports that include data visualizations and detailed client breakdowns. The new system will help PEI ensure the data it collects is valid, reliable, and transparent. An added bonus of PEIRS is the flexibility it allows for data analysis and outcomes reporting. The real-time nature of PEIRS will enable PEI and its providers to use data to continuously improve the quality of services.