Printed Chart from Fiscal Year 2015 Page Online Dashboard
Total Average Full Time Equivalent Staff 7 Office of Finance - FTE Staff
Staff Demographics 7 Employees - Staff Demographics
Staff Tenure 7 Employees - Staff Tenure
Staff Turnover 7 Employees - Staff Turnover
Legal Responsibility for Adult Protective Services 8 Legal Responsibility
Texas Adult Population Age 65 and Older 9 Populations at Risk
Texas Adult Pop with a Disability Ages 18 to 64 Years 10 Populations at Risk
Intake Reports by Priority 11 Intake: Priority
Source of Intake Reports 11 Intake: Source of Allegations
Intake Reports by Region 11 Intake: Priority
Intakes, Completed and Validated Investigations 12 Intake: Priority , Investigation:  Findings
Maltreatment per 1,000 Adults in Texas Population 12 Investigation:  Findings
Validated In-Home Investigations 13 Investigation:  Findings
Completed Investigations 14 Investigation: Activity
Completed Investigations 15 Investigation:  Findings
Average Daily Caseload 15 Employees - Caseload
Recidivism of Cases Fiscal Years 2011-2015 16 Outcomes: Recidivism
Recidivism of Cases by Region 16 Outcomes: Recidivism
Characteristics of Victims in Completed Investigations 17 Investigations: Victims
Characteristics of Perpetrators In Investigations 17 Investigations: Perpetrators
Perpetrators in Validated Investigations 18 Investigations: Perpetrators
Completed Investigations with Notifications to Law Enforcement by Region 18 Investigation: Activity
Family Violence Indicated in Validated Investigations 18 Investigations: Findings
Validated Allegations in Investigations by Type of Abuse/Neglect/Financial Exploitation 19 Investigations: Types of Abuse
Completed Service Delivery Stages 20 Services: Activity
Client Services Delivered by Region 20 Services: Activity
Population And Case-Related Statistics 129 Populations at Risk , Intake: Priority , Investigation: Activity , Investigation:  Findings , Services: Activity
Texas Population with a Disability Ages 18-64 129 Populations at Risk
Texas Population Age 65 and Older 129 Populations at Risk
Intakes 129 Intake: Priority
Completed Investigations 129 Investigation: Activity
Validated APS In-Home Investigations 129 Investigation:  Findings
Closed Service Delivery Stages 129 Services: Activity
Adult Protective Services Definitions (In-Home) 252 Glossary