Welcome to DFPS Vision, a quarterly newsletter that provides updates on the latest news at the Department of Family and Protective Services.

As DFPS evolves to meet the complex needs of the children, vulnerable adults, and families we serve, this newsletter allows us to share best practices, trends, and future goals. Each issue features a specific theme.

To complement the newsletter, we also have data and information to illustrate how we are moving the needle forward and where the agency is working to make improvements. Our objective is to keep everyone well informed about our progress on key issues.

Please take a few minutes to read about the work our dedicated employees are doing to protect our fellow Texans.

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Key Performance Indicators

Data Point FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018
Child Protective Investigations Caseworker Turnover 33.0% 24.9% 27.1%
CPS Family-Based Safety Services Caseworker Turnover 25.3% 16.0% 19.9%
CPS Conservatorship Caseworker Turnover 22.6% 16.5% 17.4%
APS Caseworker Turnover 20.9% 27.1% 25.2%
Child Protective Investigations Caseload 17.1 14.5 13.3
Residential Investigations Caseload 13.2
Day Care Investigations Caseload 11.6
CPS Family-Based Safety Services Caseload 15.3 15 11.4
CPS Conservatorship Caseload (Stages) 29.7 27.8 26.5
CPS Conservatorship Caseload (Children) 20.6 19.2 18.3
APS Caseload 31.4 33.8 30.9
Placements with Relatives (on August 31) 43.2% 44.8% 45.9%
Children in Foster Care Placed in Region 78.4% 77.6% 77.4%
Youth Completed Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) Program 75.5% 83.1% 91.5%
Average Months to Permanency 18.3 17.8 17.4
Total Number of Removals 19,079 19,864 20,685
Statewide Intake Total Contacts 820,754 818,424 786,156