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Children and Youth's Poems

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Follow your dream
Pursue it with haste.
Life is too precious
To waste.
Be faithful, be loyal
And all your life through
The dream that you follow
Will keep coming true.
Poem by Lillian, age 14
Children's artwork
Keep your head up.
Be Strong.
Don't let fear come near.
Don't be afraid to say good-bye
Even if you have a tear, it's OK.
Remember your life
Is like a butterfly,
Beautiful and bright
In the sky.
Poem by Iris, age 15

I just want to fly away
And let the agony fall astray.
But they are with me night and day,
These feelings so dark and gray.
But now I see your guiding light,
Shining so wondrous and bright.
Saving me from the torrents of misery.
Transforming my life from chaos to harmony.
Poem by Connie P.
Dedicated to: Bridgewater

Each night I pray to God and thank him gratefully.
For although I've shed some tears, it's not as bad as it could be.
The hands that reached out for me,
Encouraged me to look beyond myself and see
That I could help others as people have helped me.
And so I thank you with all my heart just for being there.
Others just like me will need your love and care.
Your gentle nudge to send them on their way.
To take them from where they are to where I am today.
Poem by Melissa
He is the closest family to me.
When we see each other,
he always reminds me of my mother.
Oh I could give anything in this world
to have him living with me.
Yes, just like it used to be.
We both have grown up so fast
missing how we used to laugh.
I know we are apart, but not in my heart.
I know God did this for a reason,
so I will wait for the right season.
Poem by Alicia M.
I have wept in the night
For the shortness of sight
That to someone's need made me blind,
But I never have yet felt a bit of regret
for being a little too kind!
Poem by April B.
Mother and child

Like all others I cherish my youth.
For me the fight with fate is not over
And I'll win my battle with destiny - sober!
poem by Tim C.

No matter how bad it gets or
the temptations I may face.
I will hold my head up high
and make where I am a beautiful place.
Poem by Tiffany
Hello, I'm a stranger, but I 'd like to help,
to pick up the pieces of our broken selves.
I have the need to help to mend,
That inner child and be your friend.
To work together, to form a plan,
To live each day, and to understand,
The need for friendship is very great,
And it all begins with a simple phrase:
"Hello, I'm a stranger, but I'm also a FRIEND.

Everyday you decide to start, look inside your heart,
to exactly what it is that makes you want to live.

Is it the beauty in the sky,
or the birds that so happily fly by...
or ...Is it the beauty that lies within
your soft and tender skin.
Poem by Kimwanna B.

You can always trust in me
Just cry one time and you will see.
I will be happy you're not trying to hide
The joy or pain you feel deep inside.
Trust in me and you will see
You can set your feelings free.
Poem by Chasity
I have this fear...
fear of being on my own...
the fear of growing up...
living alone.
Poem by Maria, age 16
A single life has been misused.
A tiny child has been abused.
Are we just going to sit and hide our eyes,
Or are we going to look way deep down inside?
Poem by Laura

Mother and child

Does anyone ever notice the child in the corner, isolated from all that is happy and normal.
Secluded the child in the corner,
waiting for love to come yet when it comes it's not the love it needs.
Still waiting, longing for a love, a love that is normal.
No way to ever escape, to break free the child in the corner.
Now an adult insane and scared to love yet needing it to survive.
Always loved, yet never loved the child in the corner.
Poem by Alishia H.

It is time to take back
All the pain.
It is time to make a final gain.
It is time to care,
Instead of misuse.
It is time to love
Instead of abuse.
It is time to dry
Away the tears.
It is time to shed
The unwanted fears.
It is time we learn
Not to hide,
From our true selves,
Or the other side.
Poem by Laura

I thought I heard a loud noise.
I wonder what it could be.
Could it be an animal coming from outside?
Could it be a tree rustling in the wind?
Could it be a book falling from a shelf?
Could it be a glass crashing on the floor?
I don't know. Maybe I'll go see.
No, it's not what I thought it would be.
It's a little girl crying to be free.
Poem by Domingeaux, age 15
Your heart in all that you do.
Love is hoping…
Giving and spending
My last penny on you.
Love is healing,
Forgiving and forgetting,
The hurt of the present and past.
Love is smiling,
Laughing and living each day
As if it is your last.
Poem by LilBit, age 17
Hello, I'm a stranger, so are you.
You don't know me and I don 't know you.
We see each other passing in the night.
Unknown from each other we walk out of sight.
We may have the same thoughts,
Same values, and cares.
We may have been through
Some traumas, abuses, and tears
Lifetimes are passed unaware of
Who we are and who really cares.
Hello, I'm a stranger whom you've met before,
Time and space who knows the score.
Children are asleep in their
Shanty shacks of cardboard boxes,
While we walk in the warmth
Of our down filled foxes.
Do we as strangers understand the pain,
Of the young child unsheltered from the rain?
Do we as strangers really want to care,
For those tiny children who were born to fear?
Poem by Laura D.
I wake suddenly, a warm glow from my closet, the only light. It happens often, staring at my ceiling in the middle of the night.
Groggy, fragments of a dream still flashing in my head. Eyes wide open, blinking slowly, snuggled in my bed. Thinking.
Overlooking my life which lies before me like a winding road that I must follow. Unexpected challenges that I must swallow.
The trees outlining the road have fallen one by one behind me. No turning around.
So I've pressed on, surprised at what I've found, strange doors large and small, and resting in odd places.
But always a helping hand, always kind faces. Each new step a journey, a new experience at each turn. Each day the sun will rise, new things for me to learn.
At times I hit a stone in the road and cried out from the pain. But then I'd stand up straight and be on my way again. Now I have viewed my life as I so often do.
I'm glad I had the chance to share it all with you.
Poem by Melissa
My dreams and hopes,
Are alive and challenging,
Love I was given from place to place,
As I met each new face.
My life has new meaning
As I start from the beginning.
Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I pray, Of what will happen each new day.
What is life going to bring my way?
Is the question I ask everyday.
My mom comes to greet me each new day
And I hope to my God and pray,
That her face will shine and it will glow
When seeing me, this I know.
I love her dearly and this is true.
I had closed the door upon my heart, and wouldn't let anyone in.
I had trusted and loved only to be hurt but that would never happen again.

I locked the door and tossed the key as hard and as far as I could.
Love would never enter there again, my heart was closed for good.

Then you came into my life and made me change my mind.
Just when I thought that tiny key was impossible to find.

That's when you held out your hand and proved to me I was wrong.
Inside your palm was the key to my heart ...You had it all along.
Poem by Constance A. P.

l can see the tears as they drop to the floor.
l can feel the pain as you closed the door.
What meaning is this that I am so confused?
What riddle is this that keeps me bemused?
Life is like a whirlwind,
Whipping all around me.
This pain I am going through
Has totally engulfed me.
We must do something
To stop all the pain.
We must learn to heal
Our broken child
And learn to live again!
Poem by Laura

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