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Children and Youth's Quotes

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"I feel safe in the home because they love me." ...Gabriel, age 12

"My foster family are among the precious gifts God has given."...Justin, age 8

'Our house is my home." ...Michael, age 7

"I used to be scared, now I'm safe and happy." ...Cachet, age 10

"Thanks to my foster parents for pulling me out of the rain to see the sunny side." ...Tameka, age 8

"Being adopted is having an abundant life, and more importantly knowing you are wanted." ...Sandy, age 17

"The heart of our household is mom and dad."...Will, age 12

"At my foster home we have a good Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!"...Jennifer, age 7

"I like my foster home because no one forgets about me." ...David, age 10

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