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North Texas Volunteer Photographers

Special thanks to the photographers who have given their time and talent to make the Heart Gallery possible by opening their hearts and creative vision for this project.

*Special thanks to Prints Unlimited for their services in printing the portraits in the exhibit.

For more information on how to host a Heart Gallery exhibit or how to contribute to the Heart Gallery please contact Penny Cook.


  • Kent Barker
  • Nicole Blakey-Chambers
  • Deanna Devine-Silvestre
  • Lisa Dunlevy
  • Niesha Lanae Graves
  • Ashley Langford
  • Debbie Pochmann
  • Maureen Connolly Mann
  • Marla McDonald
  • Debra O'Brien
  • Cheryl Ogle
  • Joe Rougraff
  • Stacy Sims