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"Why Not Me?" Campaign Materials

Brochures & Bookmarks | Flyers | Posters | Artwork | TV Spots | Radio Spots

Brochures and Bookmarks

Cover of Why Not You Brochure - English Cover of Why Not You Brochure - Spanish

Brochure, English (Adobe Acrobat)
Brochure, Spanish (Adobe Acrobat)

Why Not You bookmark - Spanish Why Not You bookmark - Spanish

Bookmark, English (Adobe Acrobat)
Bookmark, Spanish (Adobe Acrobat)


Cover of Why Not You flier - English

Flier, English (Adobe Acrobat)

Cover of Why Not You flier - Spanish

Flier, Spanish (Adobe Acrobat)


Why Not You Poster - English

Poster, English (Adobe Acrobat)

Why Not You Poster - Spanish

Poster, Spanish (Adobe Acrobat)

TV Spots

Christmas Wishes. Adoption Promotion Video

Television, English (60 seconds)

Television, English (30 seconds)

Television, Spanish (30 seconds)

Radio, English (60 seconds)

Radio, Spanish (60 seconds)
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