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Meet Marcus
The Amazing, Smiling Spiderman

Welcome to the TARE website!

The Texas Adoption Resource Exchange (TARE) website helps match children awaiting adoption with adoptive parents. It includes photos and profile information on children available for adoption and allows families to provide information about their adoption preferences and interests in adopting a child. Families need to create an account and complete a family profile in order to view the full profile information and to inquire on children or sibling groups. Refer to the User Manual for tips and guidelines on creating an account and completing a family profile.

Children's Wishes -

Could you be the answer to what a waiting child wants most?

Fostering Unaccompanied Refugee Minors

Many Texans have inquired about becoming foster parents for the unaccompanied refugee minors who have come to Texas. Individuals interested in fostering these children can reach out to the Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement's Unaccompanied Refugee Minor (URM) program. The URM can be reached by e-mail at

An Unexpected Journey

Collage photos of Danny walking on a railroad track with his guitar in hand.Danny was nine when he came to our home with his brother and another sibling group. All four children came to us as foster children with an expected two month time period. As it turned out, we adopted all four children. There were some hurdles along the way for all of us, but seeing that Danny is now through school and off to college, helps put things in perspective.

Danny will be attending the University of the Ozarks in Arkansas with a full tuition scholarship for academics and theatre. He played football all through school and then discovered drama his senior year. Danny still loves sports as well as theatre, in addition to playing guitar and piano. Danny competes with his church drama group on a national level traveling to various states. He has also traveled to Europe with a school group. Danny has been in several dramatic productions with his high school, including “West Side Story”. Danny hopes to become a professional actor and he has made several video series that have been posted on YouTube. Danny excelled in academics, drawing, and athletics and won many awards and contests, in addition to being employed.

We attempt to introduce our kids to different experiences, possibilities, travel, and we want them to have a broad view of all of the things they can accomplish. Whether that is cheerleading, art, theatre, or cooking, we hope they are prepared for life and have many options for happiness.

Thank you for what you and your team help accomplish every day. Yes, there are many sad stories about children in your care, but hopefully, many of them will end up with much happier stories and experiences. 

Abbreviated story from Danny's mom, Lisa Barnes

President Sets in Motion National Adoption Month

President Barack Obama has declared November 2014 to be National Adoption Month, He issued a proclamation emphasizing that every child deserves a chance to a loving family. The proclamation also celebrates the adoptive parents who give so much to the children and youth they have opened their hearts and their homes to. President Obama stressed his administration's support of programs to reduce the amount of time children wait for adoption and the importance of keeping siblings together. This year, on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the 15th annual National Adoption Day will be observed which will raise awareness of the children and youth still in need of permanent homes.

Texas Adoption Day

CHAPTER 662 added by Acts 2007, 80th Legislature,


(a) The Saturday before Thanksgiving Day of each year is Texas Adoption Day to celebrate and encourage adoption, adoptive families, and adoption workers in Texas.

(b) Texas Adoption Day shall be regularly observed by appropriate ceremonies and activities that encourage participation in and raise awareness about the adoption process and that honor adoptive families and adoption workers in Texas.

(c) The Department of Family and Protective Services shall create a statewide awareness campaign to promote Texas Adoption Day and shall coordinate ceremonies and activities held throughout the state.

Photo listings are updated daily. Families with approved home studies can inquire through the child's interest form on their photo/profile page. Go to View Waiting Children.

Photographs of children available for adoption and in Heart Galleries are for viewing only and may not be downloaded, used, or published without the express permission of DFPS and/or the photographers who took them.

Note: Children come into the care of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) due to abuse or neglect. Therefore, families who adopt children through the agency should have an understanding or be willing to learn the dynamics of neglect and physical or sexual abuse.