Instructions By Client Type

The following fingerprinting instruction sheets may be used as a guide for scheduling fingerprint appointments.

How To Schedule Fingerprinting Online

Texas fingerprinting vendor ldentoGO's website provides a simple and mobile-friendly experience for scheduling fingerprinting. This process requires a six-digit Service Code when scheduling your appointment.

See How To Find Your Service Code to locate your specific service code.

FBI Fingerprinting Fees

Effective January 1, 2019, the total fingerprinting fee is $39.75 to apply for a paid position. The total fee is $37.75 to apply for an unpaid position - such as a volunteer, household member, or foster/adoptive parent.

The fee is paid at the fingerprint appointment, and must be paid with a business check, money order, credit card or payment coupon code issued by the fingerprint vendor - no personal checks. See the forms section of the vendor's website for more information on credit card backed accounts and payment coupon codes.

Child care operations must email IdentoGO's billing department to set up a credit card backed account. The instructions for creating an account and the required paperwork can be found in the Forms and Links section at the bottom of the IdentoGO website.  

More information about fees can be found here.

How To Request an FBI Background Check

DFPS requires an email address or phone number when requesting an FBI background check. Enter the email address or phone number in the "Person's Contact Method for Fingerprint Scheduling" field.

DFPS also requires an email address when requesting a background check using:

DFPS Forms:

  • Form 2971 - Request for Criminal History check / Central Registry Check (Spanish)
  • Form 2971C - Request for Criminal History and DFPS History Check
  • Form 4054c - Background Check Statement
ID Requirements for Fingerprinting

The Texas Department of Public Safety website provides links to the agency's list of acceptable documents you can use to verify your identity. Please see the List of Documents to Prove Identity for Fingerprinting.

Fingerprinting is required for children ages 14 - 17 years if they live in a:

  • Home-based day care and have lived out of state in the last five years
  • Residential care operation
  • CPS placement
  • Foster/adoptive home

Note: Fingerprinting is NOT required for children in DFPS care.

Minors must arrive at the scheduled fingerprinting appointment with their parent or legal guardian. To verify a minor's identity, parents or legal guardians can use either:


If a minor applicant uses the Texas Photo ID Waiver for Minors form, parents or legal guardians must bring the waiver and the required identification documents for the minor to the appointment. .

Note: The Texas Photo ID Waiver for Minors must be filled out in the presence of the IdentoGo Enrollment Agent, who will then take the minor's fingerprints.

How To Find Your Service Code

If you provided an email for the Person's Method of Contact for Fingerprint Scheduling, you'll receive an email from the fingerprinting vendor that contains the required service code.  If you don't receive the email or you entered a phone number instead of an email address, use the steps and chart below to obtain the required Service Code:

  1. Find your role in the first column of the Service Codes Chart (see below). 
  2. Answer the financial compensation question, if applicable.
  3. Click on the Service Code link in the corresponding row to be redirected to the fingerprinting vendor's website to schedule a fingerprint appointment.
  4. Go to the IdentoGO website at and enter the Service Code on the first screen.  Then, click "Go" to continue scheduling a fingerprint appointment.

To schedule an appointment over the phone, call (888) 467-2080, and provide the service code.

Service Code Chart
Your Role ORI Number Are you a paid employee? [more info] Service Code
Daycare Child Care Licensing TX922250Z Yes 11BBY3
No 11BF2V

General Residential Operation (GRO) or

Child Placing Agency Staff or

Residential  Child Care Licensing (RCCL) Foster/Adoptive Household Members or Visitors

TX922080Z Yes 11BR68
No 11BR7S
Residential Child Care Licensing (RCCL) Foster / Adoptive Parents TXAWA000Z No 11BR9Q
Purchased Client Services Contractors TX922160Z Yes 11BRB4
CPS Foster / Adoptive Household Members and Visitors TX923503Z No 11BRHH
CPS Foster / Adoptive Parents TXAWA001Z No 11BR3Y
CPS-ICPC / Kinship Placements
(Non-Foster / Adoptive and Non-Emergency Background Checks)
TX922120Z No 11BF1B
Scheduling Your Fingerprint Appointment Online
  1. After you enter the correct Service Code, click on "Schedule an Appointment".
  2. On the next screen, select either the "UEID / Date of Birth" or "Name / Method of Contact" option.

What is a Universal Enrollment Identification Number (UEID)?

This number is a unique identifying number that's assigned when you request an FBI check. A UEID number may be used to:

  • Schedule a fingerprint appointment.
  • Check the status of a fingerprinting appointment.
  • Track the status of fingerprints to see if they were processed or rejected.

Choosing the "UEID / Date of Birth" option is the better option.  If you entered an email address as your "Method of Contact for Fingerprint Scheduling", you'll get an email containing your UEID from the fingerprinting vendor

If you didn't receive the email or you didn't provide an email, you can contact your Child Care Licensing Operation, CPS Caseworker, or the CBCU to obtain your UEID.

Screen shot indicating the selection UEID / Date of Birth

If you choose "Name / Method of Contact", enter the following information:

  • Full Legal Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Method of Contact

This information must match what you entered when you requested the background check.

Screen shot indicating the selection Name / Method of Contact


  1. Verify and enter additional details on the next several screens.
  2. Schedule a fingerprint appointment at the nearest enrollment center.
Homebound Applicants

When an individual is unable to leave his/her place of residence due to a physical disability, the individual may be eligible to be fingerprinted using the DFPS homebound process. This process requires the individual or family member to complete the Homebound Fingerprint Request Form, and submit it to Contact CBCU.

If the request is approved:

  • A CPS Program Director sends staff to collect the fingerprints where the applicant lives.
  • CBCU staff contacts the applicant and family to help them register and pay for fingerprinting using the vendor's website.
  • CPS staff sends the fingerprint card to CBCU.
  • CBCU mails everything to the fingerprint vendor for processing.

If you don't want to schedule online, you can schedule by calling (888) 467-2080. For questions, please contact your CBCU representative.

If you are experiencing difficulty scheduling a fingerprint appointment, and you have followed the instructions listed above, please contact IdentoGO at (888) 467-2080. You may contact your CBCU representative or to report any customer service issues you are unable to resolve with IdentoGO regarding scheduling a fingerprint appointment, such as excessive delays, last-minute cancellations, or sudden office closures.

When contacting the CBCU, please include the following information:

  • The name of the person (or persons, if you are requesting for multiple people) who need the appointment.
  • The location for the appointment.
  • Date for the appointment.
  • Your contact information.

For more information regarding the use of IdentoGO to complete fingerprinting, please see question number six Why does DFPS use IdentoGO to submit fingerprints electronically? on the Background Checks FAQ – Fingerprinting page.