Subscribe to DFPS Web Site UpdatesChapter 42 of the Texas Human Resources Code requires the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services (DFPS) to regulate child care and child-placing activities in Texas, to investigate alleged abuse/neglect in child-care facilities, and to create and enforce minimum standards. [learn more]

What's New in Licensing?

The public comment period for proposed rule changes to Chapter 745 in the Texas Register was May 2 through June 2, 2014.[learn more]

The public comment period for proposed rule changes to Chapter 749 in the Texas Register is May 9 through June 9, 2014.[learn more]"

NEW  Senate Bill 64, passed by the 83rd Legislature, requires certain licensed operations to develop and implement a vaccine-preventable disease policy for employees by September 1st.  [Vaccine-Preventable Diseases.]


Minimum Standards

Day Care Operations

Chapter 743 Minimum Standards for Shelter Care

Chapter 744 Minimum Standards for School-Age and Before or After-School Programs

Chapter 746 Child-Care Centers

Chapter 747 Registered and Licensed Child-Care Homes

Supporting Documents
24-Hour Residential Care Operations & Child-Placing Agencies

Chapter 748 General Residential Operations and Residential Treatment Centers

Chapter 749, Child-Placing Agencies

Chapter 750, Independent Foster Homes

Supporting Documents


Background Checks

Each minimum standards chapter has an appendix that includes TAC 745 Subchapter F rules relating to background checks.  Those rules reference charts that specify whether a conviction permanently or temporarily bars a person from being present at an operation while children are in care, whether a person is eligible for a risk evaluation, and whether a person who is eligible may be present at the operation pending the outcome of the risk evaluation. See the Criminal Convictions Charts page for more information.