Chapter 42 of the Texas Human Resources Code requires the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services (DFPS) to regulate child care and child-placing activities in Texas, to investigate alleged abuse/neglect in child-care facilities, and to create and enforce minimum standards. [learn more]

What's New in Licensing?

The public comment period for proposed rule changes related to central registry findings and admission assessment requirements in Chapters 745, 748, and 749 in the Texas Register was February 13 through March 16, 2015. [learn more]

Minimum Standards

Background Checks

TAC 745, Subchapter F, Background Checks

For the charts that specify whether a conviction permanently or temporarily bars a person from being present at an operation while children are in care, whether a person is eligible for a risk evaluation, and whether a person who is eligible may be present at the operation pending the outcome of the risk evaluation see the Criminal Convictions Charts page for more information.