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All of the subchapters listed in the menu below have been affected by minimum standard rule updates. While some subchapters have multiple significant changes, others do not. With exception to subchapters with only one minimum standard rule revision, each subchapter will include an overview page, a page outlining the minimum standard rule revisions that may affect how your operation meets compliance and a page outlining the minimum standard rules that are being revised for clarity and consistency.

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Subchapter A. Purpose, Scope and Definitions

Subchapter B. Administration and Communication

Subchapter C. Record Keeping

Subchapter D. Personnel

Subchapter F. Developmental Activities and Equipment

Subchapter G. Discipline and Guidance

Subchapter H. Naptime

Subchapter I. Field Trips

Subchapter J. Nutrition and Food Service

Subchapter K. Health Practices

Subchapter L. Safety Practices

Subchapter M. Physical Facilities

Subchapter N. Indoor and Outdoor Active Play Space and Equipment

Subchapter O. Swimming Pools and Wading/Splashing Pools

Subchapter P. Fire Safety and Emergency Practices

Subchapter Q. Transportation

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