What should I do if I think my child was injured at child care?

It is common for children to get scratches and bruises to the arms and legs, especially if they are not yet stable walkers or runners. However, if you think that your child was injured at day care, ask the caregiver what happened. If the caregiver does not have an explanation, speak to the director or person in charge. Let the person know what you saw. Take a picture of the injury as soon as possible. If you notice the injury after leaving the day care, you can either contact the director or person in charge immediately by phone or e-mail if available, or you can tell the director or person in charge the next day. You may also report the injury to your local Child Care Licensing office. Day cares are also required to report serious injuries that require medical care.

If you suspect that the injury may have resulted from abuse or neglect, you can also contact the Texas Abuse/Neglect Hotline at: 1-800-252-5400 or online at https://www.txabusehotline.org.