Why does my child have to go outside when the weather is too hot or cold?

Playing outdoors is important for a child's growth and development. It gives children the chance to develop muscles that they might not get to utilize in an indoor environment. Playing outdoors every day also helps keep children healthy. Fresh air in a large space contains fewer germs.

For infants, playing outdoors also gives more chances to stimulate senses through sounds, smells, and textures. For toddlers, playing outdoors enhances fitness and general health. It supports creativity, imagination, learning, and cognitive development. As with infants, it stimulates their senses. For preschool-age and school-age children, playing outdoors gives more freedom and flexibility. It gives children a chance to express themselves by being a little noisier and more active. Playing outdoors also helps children better develop their social and emotional skills, build muscles, and provides challenges and complexities not available indoors.

Your caregiver may change the schedule for outdoor time depending on the weather, air quality, and seasonal changes. Be sure that your child is equipped with safe, weather-appropriate clothing and accessories. Ensure that your caregiver utilizes the clothing and accessories you provide when necessary and as intended by the manufacturer. Be cautious about jackets and sweaters with drawstrings around the neck, as this can pose a strangulation hazard for young children - particularly during outdoor play.