What are the different kinds of child care?

There are two main types of legal child care in Texas.

Child care Centers

Licensed Child Care Centers are larger operations that care for seven or more children under 14 years old at a place of business other than the provider's home. This type of daycare is the most strictly regulated and has regular state inspections and training requirements for its caregivers and directors.

Child Care Homes

Child Care Homes fall into three categories:

  • Licensed Child Care Homes are larger home-based daycares, but are typically smaller than centers. They care for 7-12 children.
  • Registered Child Care Homes may care for up to six children 13 years and younger and up to 6 additional elementary school children. They care for up to 12 children.
  • Listed Family Homes are small child care homes and care for 1-3 children.

Learn more about these types of child care centers and homes and their requirements on the Texas Child Care Licensing website.