Transcript - Children's Song - 60 second radio spot

Children: Here’s a message Mom and Dads
It’s straight from our hearts
When you choose child care
Don’t be in the dark
Cuz when you drop us off
And go to work in a big hurry
We want you to know we’re safe
So you don’t have to worry

Announcer: There are a lot of child care options out there. Many are convenient and affordable. But they may not be state regulated. Which means caregivers
don't get criminal background checks; they may be watching too many children; and may not know safety procedures like CPR. Make sure your child care is certified by the state and get to know your child’s caregiver.

Children: So help us out, Mom and Dad
Cuz we’re too young to know
Some of us can’t even talk yet
We’ve still got to grow
When it comes to child care
It’s important and it's smart
That you know what’s going on
So don’t be in the dark

Announcer: Visit to find regulated child care near you. Sponsored by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.