Note: Independent Family Homes and Independent Group Homes are not eligible to use this service.

1. Enter your operation number.
(Include CPA agency numbers or Branch office numbers separated by hyphens as necessary)

2. The valid "contact" email address must be recorded in CLASS at least one day prior to registering. The email addresses must match exactly as it is in CLASS. This is case sensitive. The "contact email address" is not the one that appears on the Public and Provider site. This is for communications from Licensing for the background check results; it is not seen by the general public. You may use the same email for both purposes if you wish.

3. Make sure the mailing address zip code is used rather than the location address zip code.

4. Sometimes the issuance date is confusing, particularly if your permit has been amended. The correct date is listed on the Public and Provider site for your operation. (Branch offices must use the CPA issuance date)

5. Choose a Login User ID of at least 6 characters and a password of at least 6 characters. Passwords may be used for multiple operations but the Login User ID is specific to each operation.

After successfully registering you will be emailed a confirmation at the contact email address you provided. You must use the link emailed to you after successfully registering in order to log in the first time. (If you have lost that link, you are not registered! You must re-register)

Checking these things should allow you to register.

Additional Help

What if I have forgotten my Login or Password?

Go to the Child-Care Provider Login Information page. Click on the link "Click here if you forgot your User ID or Password" (It is located beneath the login button.)

You will receive via email your current Login User ID name and a new password. You will have to use the new password, which is case sensitive. You can change the password once you have successfully logged back in. Remember: Each time you click on "Click here if you forgot your User ID or Password." you will receive a new password that you must enter exactly as it is written. (The original USER ID does not change.)

If you have changed your password, and the auto correct feature from Microsoft Word is on, it will remember your old password. You will be prompted by a Microsoft message asking if you want to change it and say "yes".

When will I receive my cleared background checks?
The background checks are run through Dept of Public Safety and the Central Registry on a weekly basis. Depending on when the check is entered the cleared emails will be sent to you on the following Tuesday.

I'm not getting any results?
If there are questions about not receiving the results by email first look in the Junk/Spam mail of the email service to see if they are there. Many mail servers will filter email when there are mass mailings. You will need to signify that these are not Junk or Spam in order to receive notification by email.

Still have questions? Please contact the Child Care Licensing Office nearest you if you have questions or encounter any problems.