The Texas Legislature passed a law during the 81st Legislative Regular Session that requires anyone in a licensed or registered child care program who transports a child whose chronological or developmental age is younger than nine years to complete at least two hours of annual training on transportation safety.

What topics may be included in transportation safety training?

Topics may include:

  • Your program's operational policies related to transportation such as:
    a) Specific equipment and documentation to keep in vehicle
    b) Emergency procedures
    c) Communication between program and driver before, during, and after transport
    d) Pick up and delivery of children
    e) Maintenance and inspection of vehicles
    f) Field trip procedures
  • Minimum Standard requirements for transportation and field trips
  • Supervision of children
  • Child passenger safety seat information
  • Safety in and around vehicles
  • School zones, railroad crossings
  • Parking and backing procedures
  • Unloading and double-checking vehicles after unloading
  • Specific vehicle safety (i.e. bus, 15 passenger vans)

When must this training be completed?

Current employees, including the director and primary caregiver, who transport children must complete the training by December 31, 2009. Employees hired on or after January 1, 2010, must complete the two hours prior to transporting children.

Does this training count towards the annual training requirements?

No, the two hours are in addition to the annual training hours currently required.

How will Licensing verify my training?

Documentation of completed training must be kept in each employee's personnel record.

Where do I find training resources?

Can I train my employees?

Yes, you may develop your own training that covers transportation safety using the training requirements outlined in the minimum standard rules (§746.1317, §747.1315) that includes:

  • Specifically stated learning objectives
  • A curriculum, which included experiential or applied activities
  • An evaluation/assessment tool
  • A certificate of successful completion from the training source