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Operation Name: Joyce Smith
Operation Number: 540814
Operation Type: Registered Child-Care Home
E-mail Address:
The following items regarding the risk to children is evaluated at every inspection.
The Supervision of Child Condition of any Waiver/Variance, if applicable
Child/Caregiver Ratio Director and/or Caregiver Responsibilities
Obvious Fire, Safety and/or Sanitation Deficiencies Restrictions and/or Conditions of the Permit
A Sampling of Serious Incidents Reports (RCCL only) Background Checks
Compliance of last three years of deficiencies
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Search Criteria
Standard Risk Level:
Type of Licensing Activity:
All Deficiencies
Date Type Self Report Violation Found?
11/12/2014Monitoring InspectionsN/ANo
Individual Standards Evaluated: Evaluated: 5,      Violations: 0
10/24/2014Monitoring InspectionsN/AYes
Individual Standards Evaluated: Evaluated: 4,      Violations: 2
8/20/2014Monitoring InspectionsN/AYes
Section A: Administration Evaluated: 63,      Violations: 2
Section R: Health Practices Evaluated: 96,      Violations: 2
Section F: Activities Evaluated: 14,      Violations: 0
Section L: Discipline Evaluated: 22,      Violations: 0
Section N: Field Trips Evaluated: 11,      Violations: 0
Section W: Fire Safety Evaluated: 50,      Violations: 0
Section H: Infants Evaluated: 62,      Violations: 0
Section M: Naptime Evaluated: 10,      Violations: 0
Section Q: Nutrition Evaluated: 46,      Violations: 0
Section P: Nighttime Care Evaluated: 14,      Violations: 0
Section U: Outdoor Safety and Equipment Evaluated: 69,      Violations: 0
Section T: Physical Facilities Evaluated: 40,      Violations: 0
Section V: Swimming Pools Evaluated: 21,      Violations: 0
Section J: Pre-Kindergarten Evaluated: 19,      Violations: 0
Section D: Personnel Evaluated: 112,      Violations: 0
Section C: Record Keeping Evaluated: 84,      Violations: 0
Section E: Ratios and Group Sizes Evaluated: 32,      Violations: 0
Section K: School-age Evaluated: 19,      Violations: 0
Section S: Safety Practices Evaluated: 65,      Violations: 0
Section I: Toddlers Evaluated: 20,      Violations: 0
Section X: Transportation Evaluated: 24,      Violations: 0
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