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Operation Details

Operation Name: The Childrens Courtyard Wellington
Operation Number: 547134-810
Operation Type: Licensed Center
Program Provided: Child Care Program
E-mail Address:
The following items regarding the risk to children is evaluated at every inspection.
The Supervision of Child Condition of any Waiver/Variance, if applicable
Child/Caregiver Ratio Director and/or Caregiver Responsibilities
Obvious Fire, Safety and/or Sanitation Deficiencies Restrictions and/or Conditions of the Permit
A Sampling of Serious Incidents Reports (RCCL only) Background Checks
Five year compliance history
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Standard Risk Level:
Type of Licensing Activity:
Date Type Self Report Violation Found?
8/22/2019Monitoring InspectionsN/ANo
Individual Standards Evaluated: Evaluated: 2,      Violations: 0
8/15/2019Monitoring InspectionsN/AYes
Section C: Record Keeping Evaluated: 101,      Violations: 3
Section E: Ratios and Group Sizes Evaluated: 54,      Violations: 1
Section H: Infants Evaluated: 86,      Violations: 0
Section D: Personnel Evaluated: 129,      Violations: 0
Individual Standards Evaluated: Evaluated: 2,      Violations: 0
Section F: Activities Evaluated: 22,      Violations: 0
Section A: Administration and Communication Evaluated: 94,      Violations: 0
Section L: Discipline Evaluated: 19,      Violations: 0
Section J: Pre-Kindergarten Evaluated: 17,      Violations: 0
Section I: Toddlers Evaluated: 22,      Violations: 0
11/27/2018Monitoring InspectionsN/ANo
No data to display
11/21/2018Self Reported IncidentsYesNo
Individual Standards Evaluated: Evaluated: 5,      Violations: 0
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Date (Descending)
Standard Number/Description 
Risk Level
Corrected at
Deadline Date
Date Correction
8/15/2019746.605(16) - Required Admission Information-Completed Food Allergy PlanMonitoring InspectionsMedium HighNo10/2/20199/26/2019 Click for Narrative...
8/15/2019746.1601 - Child/ Caregiver Ratio - 13 or More ChildrenMonitoring InspectionsMedium HighNo8/15/20198/22/2019 Click for Narrative...
8/15/2019746.901 - Required Personnel RecordsMonitoring InspectionsMediumNo8/19/20198/22/2019 Click for Narrative...
8/15/2019746.603(a) - Children's Records MaintainedMonitoring InspectionsMediumNo9/6/20199/19/2019 Click for Narrative...
12/6/2017746.2421(b) - Written Feeding Instructions - Review and Update Every 30 DaysMonitoring InspectionsMediumNo12/11/201712/12/2017 Click for Narrative...
5/1/2017746.4907(d) - Installation and Maintenance of Loose-fill Surfacing - Proper Depth MaintainedMonitoring InspectionsMedium HighNo5/19/20175/17/2017 Click for Narrative...
1/23/2017746.623(a) - Immunization RecordsMonitoring InspectionsMedium HighNo2/3/20171/26/2017 Click for Narrative...
1/23/2017746.603(a)(3) - Children's Records - Health StatementMonitoring InspectionsMediumNo2/3/20171/26/2017 Click for Narrative...
11/9/2016746.1203(4) - Responsibilities of Caregivers- Supervision of ChildrenSelf Reported IncidentsHighNo11/17/201611/21/2016 Click for Narrative...
7/28/2016746.3407(1) - Setting aside toys and equipment that are placed in children’s mouths, or are otherwise contaminated by body secretion or excrement, to be sanitized before handling by another child.Self Reported IncidentsMedium HighNo8/4/20168/12/2016 Click for Narrative...
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