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Operation Name: A World For Children
Operation Number: 526950-428-10
Operation Type: Child Placing Agency(Branch)
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The following items regarding the risk to children is evaluated at every inspection.
The Supervision of Child Condition of any Waiver/Variance, if applicable
Child/Caregiver Ratio Director and/or Caregiver Responsibilities
Obvious Fire, Safety and/or Sanitation Deficiencies Restrictions and/or Conditions of the Permit
A Sampling of Serious Incidents Reports (RCCL only) Background Checks
Five year compliance history
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Type of Licensing Activity:
Injury Determination:
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Date Type Self Report Violation Found?
9/13/2022Monitoring InspectionsN/ANo
F: Training and Professional Development Evaluated: 235,      Violations: 0
L: Foster Care-Emergency Behavior Intervention Evaluated: 159,      Violations: 0
N: Foster Homes-Management, Evaluation Evaluated: 51,      Violations: 0
P: Foster-Adoptive Homes and Legal Risk Placements Evaluated: 2,      Violations: 0
Q: Adoption Services-Children Evaluated: 118,      Violations: 0
R: Adoption Services-Birth Parents Evaluated: 40,      Violations: 0
S: Adoption Services-Adoptive Parents Evaluated: 125,      Violations: 0
T: Additional Requirements for CPA's Providing additional services Evaluated: 2,      Violations: 0
8/1/2022Monitoring InspectionsN/ANo
No data to display
7/29/2022Self Reported IncidentsYesNo
Individual Standards Evaluated: Evaluated: 2,      Violations: 0
Individual Standards Evaluated: Evaluated: 3,      Violations: 2
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Date (Descending)
Standard Number/Description 
Risk Level
Corrected at
Deadline Date
Date Correction
7/19/2022749.503(e)(4)(A) - Serious Incident-Report to Licensing within 24 hours of awareness of allegation a person under the auspices of the agency abused drugs in past 7 daysReportsMediumNo9/6/20229/9/2022 Click for Narrative...
7/19/2022749.137(b) - All employees and caregivers must be aware of and follow your policies and proceduresReportsMediumNo9/6/20229/9/2022 Click for Narrative...
6/27/2022749.1003(b)(4)(A) - Children's rights-Adhere to the child's rights to be free from any harsh, cruel, unusual, unnecessary, demeaning, or humiliating punishmentSelf Reported IncidentsHighNo8/5/20227/27/2022 Click for Narrative...
2/1/2022749.607(1) - Employee and caregiver responsibilities-Competency, prudent judgment, self-control in presence of children and when performing assigned tasksReportsHighNo5/18/20225/17/2022 Click for Narrative...
2/1/2022749.2593(a)(5) - Supervision-The caregiver is responsible for not performing tasks that clearly impede the caregiver's ability to supervise and interact with childrenReportsHighNo5/18/20225/17/2022 Click for Narrative...
2/1/2022749.1003(b)(1)(B) - Children's rights-Safety & care including right to be free from abuse, neglect and exploitationReportsHighNo5/18/20225/17/2022 Click for Narrative...
9/15/2021749.2917 - Animals-animals at the home must be kept free of disease; must be vaccinated and treated by a licensed veterinarian, must not be a health riskSelf Reported IncidentsMedium HighNo9/24/20219/24/2021 Click for Narrative...
3/3/2021749.1957(1) - Other Prohibited Discipline-Any harsh, cruel, unusual, unnecessary, demeaning, or humiliating discipline or punishmentReportsHighNo2/28/20227/31/2021 Click for Narrative...
3/2/2021749.983 - First-aid-CPR renewal-Each caregiver must complete any new first-aid training or CPR training, as required to maintain a current certificationAssessmentsHighNo3/9/20213/5/2021 Click for Narrative...
8/12/2020749.1815(b) - Infant requirements-An Infant must not have his head, face, or crib covered at any time by an item such as a blanket, linen, or clothingAssessmentsHighNo8/14/20208/14/2020 Click for Narrative...
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