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Operation Name: A World For Children
Operation Number: 526950-428-10
Operation Type: Child Placing Agency(Branch)
E-mail Address:
The following items regarding the risk to children is evaluated at every inspection.
The Supervision of Child Condition of any Waiver/Variance, if applicable
Child/Caregiver Ratio Director and/or Caregiver Responsibilities
Obvious Fire, Safety and/or Sanitation Deficiencies Restrictions and/or Conditions of the Permit
A Sampling of Serious Incidents Reports (RCCL only) Background Checks
Five year compliance history
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Standard Risk Level:
Type of Licensing Activity:
Injury Determination:
Injury Caused By Violation:
Date Type Self Report Violation Found?
9/15/2021Self Reported IncidentsYesYes
Individual Standards Evaluated: Evaluated: 1,      Violations: 1
Individual Standards Evaluated: Evaluated: 2,      Violations: 2
Individual Standards Evaluated: Evaluated: 3,      Violations: 1
9/27/2018Monitoring InspectionsN/AYes
N: Foster Homes-Management, Evaluation Evaluated: 50,      Violations: 1
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Date (Descending)
Standard Number/Description 
Risk Level
Corrected at
Deadline Date
Date Correction
9/15/2021749.2917 - Animals-animals at the home must be kept free of disease; must be vaccinated and treated by a licensed veterinarian, must not be a health riskSelf Reported IncidentsMedium HighNo9/24/20219/24/2021 Click for Narrative...
6/7/2019749.2599(1) - Supervision-16-year-old or older may serve as babysitter with child placement management staff approval and established limits on duration/frequencyAssessmentsMedium HighNo6/14/20196/14/2019 Click for Narrative...
6/7/2019749.1521(4) - Medication Storage-Make provisions for storing medication that requires refrigerationAssessmentsMedium HighNo6/14/20196/14/2019 Click for Narrative...
10/24/2018749.3041(1) - Physical Environment-Foster home must ensure that home is safe for children, kept clean, and in good repairReportsMedium HighNo2/15/20192/4/2019 Click for Narrative...
9/27/2018749.2815(b) - Supervisory Visits-At least two supervisory visit per year must be unannouncedMonitoring InspectionsMedium HighNo10/11/201810/12/2018 Click for Narrative...
8/3/2018749.2593(b)(3) - Supervision-When supervising a child, a caregiver must take into account the indoor and outdoor layout of the homeReportsMedium HighNo11/7/201811/7/2018 Click for Narrative...
9/22/2017749.1957(9) - Other Prohibited Discipline-Subjecting a child to abusive or profane languageReportsMedium HighNo11/7/201711/1/2017 Click for Narrative...