Texas Child Protective Services and the Health and Human Services Commission have been addressing disproportionality at the statewide level since 2005. The most recent data is directly below:

Chart Showing Percentages of Children by Ethnicity in Different Stages of CPS cases
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The FY 2012 data shows African American children were much more likely than Anglo or Hispanic children to be reported as victims of child abuse or neglect and are removed from their families at more than twice the rate of the general population.  African American children comprised 11.6% of the general child population of Texas but accounted for almost 28.0% of all children awaiting adoption. Even when other factors are taken into account, African American children spend more time in foster care,  or other substitute care, are less likely to go home to their parents, and wait longer for adoption.

While African American and American Indian children are overrepresented in foster care, White and Hispanic children are underrepresented.  However, most Hispanic children wait ┬álonger than White children to be adopted. Child Protective Services is committed to eliminating these disparities and we recognize that we need the entire community's support to do so while ensuring children remain safe.

Chart Showing Median Time for Children to Be Adopted by Ethnicity
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