About Region 1


Title Name / Email
Vice President Cristian Garcia
Regional Vice President Rachel Williams-Ehue
Director of Operations Jack Noles
Director of Placement, Transportation, and Clinical Utilization Nicole Locker
Director of Community Engagement Erin Baxter
Director of Human Resources Jamie Flores
Director of Permanency and Reunification (North) Micah Smith
Director of Permanency and Reunification (North) Jessica Hoskins
Director of Permanency and Reunification (South) Esmeralda Kennedy
Director of Permanency and Reunification (South) Nicole Banire
Regional Attorney Kacee Harvey


March 2022

St. Francis Community Services became the third single source continuum contractor to provide foster care case management, kinship, and family reunification services to youth and families in Texas. St. Francis Communinty Services entered Stage II of Community-Based Care on March 2, 2022. St. Francis Community Services, a division of St. Francis Ministries, has been providing a continuum of services in Region 1 since January 2020. Region 1 includes 41 Texas counties.


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Form Number Form Name
1516 Region 1 Adoption Checklist
1517 Region 1 Initial Coordination Meeting (ICM)
1518 Region 1 Removal