About Region 8b
South Central and Hill Country


  • Community-Based Care administrator: Vacant
  • DFPS Contract Administration manager: Elizabeth Castillo (210) 337-3040
Title Name / Email
President/CEO Tara Roussett
Chief Operating Officer Rachel Richter
Chief Administrative Officer Carlye Dupart
Director of Quality Assurance and Contracts Yvette Moran
Vice President of Operations   Adrian Quintanilla
Director of Community Engagement Lauren Sides
Senior Regional Director, North Kane Jaggers
Regional Director, West Kelly Dalton
Regional Director, East Nicole Nguyen
Regional Director, South Edward Gentry
Case Care Program Director Yvonne Phillips


April 2022

DFPS and the Office of Community-Based Care Transition (OCBCT) are pleased to announce that they have taken the next step toward expanding Community-Based Care (CBC) by beginning the transition to CBC Stage II in the south central and hill county areas of Texas (Region 8b).  This service area includes 27 Texas counties surrounding Bexar County.

Belong, a division of SJRC Texas, has been operating as a local key community provider in the area for 37 years. SJRC Texas is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) and is known for quality services with a high standard for integrity, accountability, and innovation. Belong seeks to deliver a Community-Based Care model to abused and neglected children and youth in Region 8b by enacting systemic changes that improve safety, expedite permanency and focus on child and family well-being, normalcy, and stability, while simultaneously growing capacity for the Texas foster care system. 


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Number Form Title
1514 Region 8b Removal Checklist 
1515 Region 8b Adoption Checklist