What is STAR Health?

STAR Health is a statewide, comprehensive healthcare system that was designed to better coordinate and improve access to health care for:

  • Children in DFPS conservatorship (under age 18).
  • Youth in CPS extended foster care (ages 18 to 22).
  • Youth who were previously under DFPS conservatorship and have returned to foster care (ages 18 to 22) through voluntary foster care agreements.
  • Youth ages 18-21 who were previously in foster care and are living independently and receive Medicaid for Transitioning Youth (MTFCY).
  • Former foster care youth (ages 21 to 23) enrolled in an institution of higher education located in Texas enrolled in the Former Foster Care in Higher Education (FFCHE) program.

STAR Health began on April 1st, 2008. The Texas Health and Human Services Commissioner picked Superior HealthPlan Network (Superior) to run the STAR Health program.

STAR Health provides a full-range of Medicaid covered medical and behavioral health services for children in DFPS conservatorship and young adults in DFPS paid placements.

STAR Health Goals

The main goal of STAR Health is to quickly give children in state care the coordinated medical and behavioral health care services they need. These services are available to these children no matter where they are in the state and even when they move.

STAR Health at a Glance

  • A Medical Home for each child, meaning a doctor [or other Primary Care Provider (PCP) or PCP Team] to oversee care
  • Speedy enrollment for immediate health care benefits
  • Coordination of physical and behavioral healthcare
  • Preventive care through Texas Health Steps
  • Access to healthcare through a network of providers (doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics, psychiatrists, therapists, etc.)
  • Health Passport to makemore health history and health information available to medical consenters, doctors, and other healthcare providers
  • Nursing and Behavioral Health help-lines for caregivers and caseworkers - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
  • Medical advisory committees to monitor healthcare provider performance
  • Recruitment of providers with a history of treating children who have been abused or neglected

STAR Health Services

  • Physical and behavioral healthcare
  • Dental services
  • Vision services 
  • Service coordination
  • Clinical service management and disease management
  • Health Passport
  • Help-lines for consumers and healthcare providers
  • Physical, occupational, speech, and other health-related services

Accessing STAR Health Services and Information

For a child enrolled in the STAR Health program, DFPS staff, caregivers and medical consenters can get information and help with finding a provider, scheduling an appointment, or getting services by:

  • Calling STAR Health Member Services at 1-866-912-6283.
  • Using the STAR Health website at www.fostercaretx.com.

The medical consenter for a child in the program should present the child's STAR Health ID Card, Medicaid Card, or DFPS Medical consent Form 2085-B at the time of the appointment. The Star Health provider or medical consenter may contact STAR Health Member Services if they have questions about the child's eligibility for STAR Health services.

Let a DFPS well-being specialists know if you have any issues or concerns about STAR Health.

STAR Health FAQs

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Q: What should I do if a child needs immediate medical attention?

A: Go to the nearest emergency room in a life-threatening situation. Otherwise, contact the NurseWise Hotline by dialing (866) 912-6283 (press option "7" after hours & weekends) to talk to a nurse about health questions 24-hours/ day, 7-days/week.  English and Spanish-speaking nurses are available.

Q: How does a medical consenter select a Personal Care Provider (PCP) for a child?

A: Call STAR Health Member Services at 1-866-912-6283 and have ready both your IMPACT Person Identification (PID) number and the choice of doctor. Superior may also ask for other personal identifying information. Medical consenters should request a PCP who is a Texas Health Steps provider.

Q: What if my current healthcare provider is not a STAR Health provider?

A: Medical consenters can encourage their current healthcare provider to join the network by calling one of the four numbers below and ask the representative to contact the doctor or provider in question about joining the network.

  • Medical Health: 866-439-2042
  • Vision Services: 866-642-9488
  • Dental Services: 866-287-3419
  • Behavioral Health: 866-218-8263
  • Pharmacy Services: 866-912-6283
Q: What forms does the medical consenter need to take to the child's appointment?

A: STAR Health providers can accept three forms of proof that the child is enrolled in the STAR Health Program:

  • Medicaid Card: If the caregiver has not received a child's Medicaid Card, the DFPS caseworker should contact the regional Eligibility Specialist for assistance, including help getting a temporary Medicaid card (Form 1027A).
  • STAR Health ID Card: Superior sends out the ID card once it receives information that a child is in DFPS conservatorship, has changed placements, or selected a new Primary Care Provider (PCP). Request replacement cards by calling STAR Health Member Services at 1-866-912-6283.
  • DFPS Form 2085-B, Designation of Medical Consenter: DFPS provides this form to caregivers when the child is placed in their care and updates it when there is a change in who can consent for the child.

If the provider has questions about the child's eligibility, the caregiver can call STAR Health Member Services at 1-866-912-6283 while still at the provider's office. A representative from STAR Health will speak with the provider to resolve the situation.

Q: What should I do if my child’s current doctor refuses to see the child or schedule an appointment?

A: Call STAR Health Member Services at 1-866-912-6283. STAR Health will research the situation and provide direction. If the issue is not resolved in a timely manner, caregivers should contact their CPS caseworker.  DFPS staff should contact their regional well-being specialist for assistance.

Q. What should I do if I receive a bill?

A. Immediately call Star Health Member Services at 1-866-912-6283 and provide them with the requested information.

Quick Guide to STAR Health for Caregivers

Additional STAR Health Information and Training

See the STAR Health website at www.fostercaretx.com

Key STAR Health phone numbers

Organization Phone Number
Superior HealthPlan Network  1-866-912-6283
Cenpatico (Behavioral Health)   1-866-218-8263
Denta Quest (Dental Services) 1-888-308-4766
TVHP (Vision Services) 1-866-642-8959
NurseWise 1-866-912-6283
Medical Transportation Program 1-877-633-8747
Vendor Drug Program (Prescriptions) 1-800-252-8263

Regional Well-being Specialists

Well-being specialists are DFPS liaisons to Superior HealthPlan, the company that operates the  STAR Health provider network. Contact your regional well-being specialist for help with STAR Health.

Region Name/Email
Amarillo and Midland Regions
(Regions 1 and 9)
Kathy Roberts
El Paso and Abilene Regions
(Regions 2 and 10)
John Clymer
Arlington Region
(Region 3)
Terri Wynn
Tyler and Beaumont Region
(Regions 4 and 5)
Sheryl McCloney
Houston Region
(Region 6)
Debbie Kumar-Misir
Austin Region
(Region 7)
Magena Henderson
San Antonio and Edinburg Regions
(Regions 8 and 11)
Jacqueline Lerche (Jackie Lerche)