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Date: November 29, 2018, at 3 p.m. CST.

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The webinar will focus on CPS Medical and Behavioral Health Services and feature new DFPS Physician Dr. Roberto Rodriguez.

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Webinars are archived in Windows Media (wmv) and Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt) format.

Date/Link Topic
September 20, 2018 (PowerPoint) Community Based Care
March 27, 2018 Faith-based Initiatives
January 30, 2018 (PowerPoint) DFPS Investigations Division
October 3, 2017 CPS Update
March 23, 2017 Alternative Response
February 22, 2017 Texas Health Steps
October 26, 2016 DFPS Prevention and Early Intervention Efforts
September 15, 2016 Stakeholder Meeting CPS Transformation Update
July 28, 2016 Regional Systems Improvement
January 27, 2016 Permanency: A Top Priority for DFPS
October 28, 2015 CPS Transformation Update and CPS Business Plan
August 26, 2015 Update on Signs of Safety
July 29, 2015 Update on CPS Practice Model
June 25, 2015 Update on Accelerated Reunification Initiative
May 14, 2015 Update on new efforts around recruitment and hiring
February 11, 2015 Update on Achievements and Progress
January 15, 2015 Update on Streamlining Investigations and FBSS Policy
December 9, 2014 Update on Structured Decision Making
November 10, 2014 Update on Transformation with a focus on mentoring