Authority/Reference(s) 1 TAC §391.711; 34 TAC Chapter 20, Subchapter B; Texas Government Code §2161.003
Revision Date October 15, 2018


DFPS is committed to encouraging participation and increasing opportunities for minority-and women-owned businesses that desire to do business with DFPS, including non-profit businesses that cannot be certified by the Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) division as a HUB. 

HHS-PCS HUB Coordinator, who serves as the DFPS HUB Coordinator, should attempt to contact HUB vendors when making a purchase on behalf of DFPS. Doing so helps to ensure that DFPS will increase its use of HUB providers and demonstrates that DFPS is making every reasonable effort to include HUB providers in the procurement process. DFPS is committed to ensuring that:

  • HUB enterprises are solicited whenever they are potential service providers, and 
  • Potential prime contractors are required to take similar HUB solicitation actions if any subcontracts are to be awarded.

To receive more information on the HUB Program, please contact the HHS HUB Program Office at HHSC HUB.