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7000 Executive Travel Memos - Reimbursement and Policy Exceptions

Travel Policy June 2014

The following are the approved Executive Memos associated to Travel reimbursement and policy. Each of these memos identifies an exception to the state or agency travel policy. Most of these exceptions are required to be attached to the travel claim. Many of these Exception Memos are date or staff specific. The memos are in approval date order. If you have any questions, please contact Travel at the DFPS Travel Policy mailbox.

  •   Revised Lodging Rates for Certain Cities – First 6 months of FY2014

  •   Revised Lodging Rates for Additional Cities – Remainder of FY2013

  •   Exception to Travel Policy on Coordination of Personal Vehicle Travel for Coordination of Travel Exception (staff attending BSD training) – August 2013

  •   Continuation of Approved Lodging Rate for Travel to Midland and Odessa – March 20, 2013

  •   Revised Lodging Rate for Travel to Midland and Odessa – December 4, 2012

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