An APS MH (Mental Health) Facility Investigator investigates alleged abuse, neglect, or exploitation of people receiving services in State Hospitals, State Schools and Centers, Community Centers, and Home and Community-Based Service providers. 

Investigations are completed in accordance with Texas Health and Human Services, Department of State Health Services, and Department of Family and Protective Services policy and procedure.

What kinds of things will I  be doing?

  • Interviewing children and adults with mental illness and cognitive disabilities.
  • Interviewing children and adults who have drug addictions.
  • Interviewing adults who may be convicted felons.
  • Working with uncooperative people, alleged criminals, and facility staff to conduct investigations.
  • Asking people personal medical and mental health questions they may not want to respond to.
  • Observing and discreetly touching people's bodies to look for signs of abuse, injury, or neglect.
  • Taking photographs of people in care who may be suicidal or mentally ill and who might present threat to themselves or others.
  • Discussing human sexuality and sexual abuse with people who have cognitive disabilities or ┬ámental illnesses in a direct and objective manner. 
  • Working in a professional manner with clients, co-workers, and facility staff who might differ from you, without discriminating on the basis of sex, race, culture, socio-economic background, religion, ability, or sexual preference.
  • Being tactful and objective while being confronted by distraught or hostile people using foul or insulting language.
  • Maintaining confidentiality as required by law and APS policy.
  • Balancing workload and case documentation to meet investigation deadlines (14 calendar days).
  • Travelling in conditions that cause wear and tear on your own vehicle.

Do I need a college degree?

Yes. To be an APS MH & MR investigator, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree.

What would my salary be?

Positions range from APS Specialist I to APS Specialist IV.  The starting salary range is $2,494.41 to $2,970.91 per month and will be based on your qualifications.

Will I get trained on what to do?

Yes! You will have lots of great training before you begin. You will have ongoing support from your co-workers and supervisor any time you need it.

Are there opportunities for career advancement?

Yes!  You will receive ongoing training as your career moves forward. There are various levels of certification.

Want to learn more about what it's like to work for APS? Watch the Working in the APS Facilities Program video.