When you work for DFPS, your annual base salary is just the start of your total compensation package. Here's a breakdown on the total compensation for the average state employee:

40,398 Base pay (average state employee)
6,479 Paid time off (holidays, sick leave, vacation leave)
6,936 Insurance benefits
3,428 Pay for legally required benefits (Social Security, Medicare taxes, workers’ compensation)
2,626 Retirement contributions
1,004 Supplemental pay (Benefit replacement pay, longevity pay)

(Source: A Report on State Employee Benefits as a Percentage of Total Compensation, April 2014).

Your State Benefits Package

Your overall benefits package includes high-quality health coverage, a secure retirement program, and optional programs that can help you protect your income and make the most of it. The Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) manages these benefits:

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