The Contract Performance, Research and Evaluation (CPRE) Division of CPS Purchased Client Services (PCS) has two units.

Contract Performance

The Contract Performance unit supports performance-based contracting practices, which means contracting that is judged on effectiveness. We develop and update the criteria for measuring what contractors do (output) and how well the clients they serve are doing (outcome). And, we also collect and report this performance measure data.

In addition, we provide technical assistance and training to the employees of client service contractors on specific web applications. These include the Performance Management Evaluation Tool (PMET) and the Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) and STAR Data Systems. We test these applications and keep user guides up to date. We also work on special projects and initiatives aimed at improving outcome for clients.

Research & Evaluation

Research & Evaluation keeps CPS informed about how practices and policies affect client outcomes. We also evaluate legislative initiatives and pilot projects. The unit does research on child welfare outcomes related to specific policies.

We also coordinate and manage requests from external entities for CPS research data, as well as coordinate with those interested in applying for grant funding opportunities that target CPS.