Authority/Reference(s) DFPS Management
Revision Date November 3, 2017


Contract Oversight and Support (COS) division is a under the Office of the Deputy Commissioner and is focused on providing contract staff the tools, training, data, and oversight needed to plan, execute, and manage agency purchases and contracts.

The COS division consists of two teams:

  • Policy, Training, and Technical Assistance, and
  • Data,  Risk Management, and Quality Assurance

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of COS are to mitigate contract risk by:

  • Providing timely and relevant communication and technical assistance to all levels of staff, from contract management to the executive level;
  • Identifying contracting issues and best practices to facilitate the development and track progress of contracting initiatives;
  • Developing well-written and easy to follow policies and procedures that meet all contracting requirements;
  • Delivering relevant contract training through multiple formats to staff of all levels of contracting experience;
  • Development of internal control processes, risk assessment tools, and the agency's contract monitoring plan;
  • Reduce agency contracting risk through the development of robust internal control processes, risk assessment tools, and the agency's contract monitoring plan;
  • Reporting comprehensive contract information to enable data-driven decisions; and
  • Ensuring the integrity of contract management by testing data and the adherence to policies and procedures.


  • Communication.  Provide formal memo broadcasts to update stakeholders on policies, procedures, and contracting initiatives; as well as maintain the SCOR User Manual;
  • Contract Workgroups. Lead and participate in agency, program specific and HHS-PCS contract improvement workgroups to prioritize and address contracting issues;
  • Web-based Contract Handbook.  Develop and maintain DFPS contracting policies, procedures, tools, and forms;
  • Training. Develop, conduct, and facilitate face-to-face, webinar, and computer based (CBT) trainings that support contract staff;
  • Customer Service Email Box. Provide timely support and technical assistance to agency staff;
  • Contract Execution.  Liaison with HHSC-PCS to obtain the HHSC Executive Commissioner's signature for contracts that equal $1 million or greater;
  • Risk Assessment Instruments.  Establish agency-wide risk assessment methodologies and oversee the risk assessment process;
  • Statewide Monitoring Plan (SMP).  Establish the annual statewide monitoring plan, coordinate and post revisions, and track the progress of the SMP;
  • Quality Assurance.  Conduct and report on compliance testing through on-site, data, and desk review processes;
  • Data Reporting.  Report contract data and information to DFPS stakeholders, including providing data to HHSC for submission to the Legislative Budget Board;
  • System Administration.  Support and maintain contract management data systems;
  • Audit Coordination.  Serve as the liaison for contract audits with external and internal auditors, including the State Auditor's Office, KPMG, and HHSC and DFPS Internal Audit;
  • Waivers. Review and maintain determinations of contract policy waivers;
  • Subrecipient/Recipient Management.  Approve Subrecipient/Recipient/Contractor determinations, conduct subrecipient's expenditure mail-out, and coordinate with HHS-PCS and contract staff on single audits; and
  • Legal.  Facilitate legal approval of contract policies, forms, and templates through DFPS Contracts Legal.