Authority/Reference(s) DFPS Management
Revision Date September 15, 2105


DFPS has adopted Health and Human Services (HHS) guidelines for administrative contract management and requires that each DFPS administrative purchase /contract that meets the $25,000 threshold must have a designated contract manager who is responsible for managing the purchase/contract. The designated contract manager should collaborate as needed for assistance but is ultimately responsible for activities that will ensure accountability of the contract. As appropriate, the designated contract manager should communicate and coordinate with other agency divisions regarding contract management activities.

Each DFPS division will assign administrative contract management responsibilities to specific staff members. Contractor performance and product quality are essential to the success of the contract. The contract manager must:

  • Assess risk associated with the contract
  • Monitor for contract compliance
  • Address performance issues
  • Elevate concerns to management, as appropriate
  • Report unsatisfactory performance