Revision Date June 1, 2012


A contract renewal is the continuation of the contract period in accordance with the time frames specified in the procurement or contract document. DFPS staff managing administrative contracts should conduct all necessary procedures outlined below in a timely matter, to ensure that goods/services are available for clients and agency staff. The goal is to start the renewal process early enough to prevent a gap in the availability of necessary goods and services.


  1. Contract renewals establish a new contract period and do not alter other terms and conditions of the contract or the scope of the procurement.
    • Any changes to the scope of the procurement require a new procurement.  Any contract resulting from a new procurement should not be treated as a renewal, even if the contractor has previous contracting history with DFPS providing the same or similar goods or services.
  2. Contract renewals should not cause the total contract term to exceed limitations established within the procurement, contract document, or in any applicable statutes or department rules.

The original contract or procurement that is incorporated by reference must include a provision that allows for a renewal to take place.