Authority/Reference(s) Texas Government Code §§ 2155, 2162, 2261
Revision Date December 15, 2017


The Administrative Risk Assessment Instrument (RAI), Form 9100ADMIN, is the tool that enables contract staff to evaluate risk consistently across all administrative contracts valued at $25,000 or greater. The results of the Admin RAI are used to prioritize the frequency of administrative contract monitoring activities.

The value of the contract is determined by the maximum contract amount, initial estimated total contract value, or expenditures, whichever is highest.

Risk Assessment

For administrative contracts valued at $25,000 or greater, contract staff must:

  • Assess risk using the Admin RAI tool Form 9100ADMIN at least once per state fiscal year;
  • Continually assess risk throughout the life of the contract; and
  • Complete a new Form 9100ADMIN to reflect changes in risk e.g. if a contract amendment changes the scope or value of the contract.


Contract staff conduct monitoring activities  to ensure that the contractor is performing all duties according to the contract terms and conditions and successfully meeting outcomes as defined in the contract. Monitoring frequency is determined by the assessed risk of the contract.

For administrative contracts valued at $25,000 or greater, contract staff must:

  • Monitor the contract according to the frequency determined by the Overall Risk Score on the Admin RAI (at least once per state fiscal year during which the contract is active);
  • Use the Administrative Contract Monitoring Tool, Form 9102ADMIN  to conduct monitoring activities, adding any supplemental monitoring elements based on the risk, type, and complexity of the contract; and
  • Document efforts to resolve issues and share with the contractor in writing any systemic issues found during monitoring.

Although COS is available to assist in the development of additional monitoring tools, the Form 9102ADMIN was designed to capture the minimum monitoring requirements for administrative contracts. As subject matter experts, program and contract staff may develop additional monitoring tools based on the contract type and complexity, as needed. Supplemental monitoring tools to be published in the contract handbook forms page should be submitted to the TA box for posting.