Revision Date January 15, 2014


The statement of work is a detailed description of what DFPS is purchasing and what a contractor is required to provide in order to satisfactorily perform the work.  The success or failure of a contract can usually be linked to the adequacy of the planning, analysis, and thoroughness of the statement of work.  DFPS staff is responsible for the development of the statement of work and it must be included or referenced in the procurement document and the contract document.

It is important that the statement of work:

  • secure the best value for the state;
  • be clearly defined;
  • be contractually sound;
  • be unbiased and non-prejudiced toward respondents;
  • eEncourage innovative solutions to the requirements described, if appropriate; and,
  • allow for free and open competition to the maximum extent reasonably possible. 

A statement of work can be performance-based, a design specification, or a mixture of both.

  • Performance based specifications focus on outcomes or results rather than process, and the required goods and services rather than how the goods and services are provided.
  • Design specifications outline exactly how the contractor must perform the service or how the goods perform.


DFPS staff should refer to the following references for further guidance on preparing the statement of work: