Authority/Reference(s) 1 TAC §391.207;Texas Government Code 2155.144
Revision Date January 15, 2014


DFPS must purchase goods and services on the basis of best value to the state and the department. DFPS determines what constitutes best value based on the best value factors set out in 1 TAC §391.207.

The selection of DFPS best value criteria must not unnecessarily limit competition or discourage the achievement of the HHS procurement objectives set out in 1 TAC §391.201

Best value factors should always guide DFPS staff in planning a solicitation. In preparing the statement of work (SOW), staff should tailor the language in such a manner that each good or service deliverable requested reflects best value considerations.

DFPS must identify the specific factors to be analyzed in determining best value.

HHSC Procurement and Contracting Services (HHSC-PCS) staff will use the best value considerations reflected in the SOW to appropriately make a contract award in accordance with the terms provided for in the solicitation document.


Best value: the optimum combination of economy and quality that is the result of fair, efficient, and practical procurement decision-making and which achieves health and human services procurement objectives.