Revision Date November 3, 2017


DFPS manages state resources effectively, efficiently, and in a manner that is aligned with state strategic goals and social needs. DFPS is committed to maintaining a business-like system of contracting that ensures that clients receive quality services at a reasonable cost.

Guidance for effective and efficient state-resource management is provided in the Comptroller's State of Texas Contract Management Guide. While not DFPS-specific, the guide gives a good overall state contracting structure and is a good base for understanding general governmental contracting in Texas. Contract managers should refer to the guide for basic contracting principles expected of state agencies and their staff, including assistance on ensuring the best quality for DFPS clients combined with the best value for the taxpayer.


Contract maintenance and management involves the provision of support and oversight of contract performance. In the maintenance and management of DFPS contracts, the contract manager ensures that all applicable state and federal rules and regulations, DFPS policy, and the terms and conditions of the contract are adhered to by the contractor.