Authority/Reference(s) 45 CFR 75, Subpart E; Comptroller's Travel Policy; Texas Government Code 660.007; Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG); OMB Circular A-110;FAR
Revision Date September 15, 2015


Travel costs must be approved in the contract and in accordance with the DFPS Travel Handbook. Travel costs are budgeted and allowed on a cost-incurred basis when costs are reasonable, necessary, allocable, and substantiated by adequate documentation.

Allowable travel costs are incurred by the contractor's employees while performing official contract business. Travel-related expenses include:

  • meals

  • lodging

  • personal vehicle mileage

  • airfare

  • parking fees

  • toll fees

  • taxi fare

  • other travel-related costs

Reimbursement of travel expenses

Meals, Lodging, and Personal Vehicle Mileage

Meals, lodging, and personal vehicle mileage expenses are allowed and reimbursable when:

  • Approved overnight travel is at least 50 miles away from the home or office.

  • Calculated on an actual cost basis or at per diem rates, not exceeding DFPS travel reimbursement rates.

  • Mileage is calculated at a per mile rate based on the DFPS mileage rate.

If the contractor's policy sets the per diem rates or mileage reimbursement rate lower than DFPS, then the reimbursement cannot exceed the rate set by the contractor's policy. 
An exception is when other state agencies implement their own policies for per diem reimbursement rates and do not violate state statutes or the Texas Comptroller's travel rules, which can be found in the Comptroller's Textravel guidance.

Contractors, including state agencies, may reimburse their employees at rates higher than the DFPS approved mileage and per diem rates, if the contractor pays the difference. DFPS will not pay the difference in mileage or per diem rates.

Out-of-state Travel

Out-of-state travel expenses are allowed and reimbursable when:

  • Out-of-state travel is budgeted.

  • The purpose and destination is clearly stated and prior approval from DFPS is obtained in writing for all contracts, with the exception of residential child care contracts.

  • Reimbursement does not exceed out-of-state per diem rates as specified in the DFPS Travel Handbook.

  • The determination of allowability based on compared costs for similar travel purposes available within the state.

Travel Expenses for Volunteers

Travel for volunteers may be paid, if appropriate. Travel on agency business is included, but travel between the home and office cannot be included.  

Travel for a DFPS employee, as a volunteer for a contractor, may not be paid through the contract.

Other Travel-related Expenses

All other travel-related expenses, such as air fare, parking fees, and taxi fare, are allowed and reimbursable when costs are reasonable, necessary, and:

  • Costs conform with DFPS travel requirements.

  • Adequate documentation for travel is maintained by the contractor including receipts, invoices, travel/mileage logs, travel vouchers, and any other documentation that supports the contractor's travel-related costs charged to DFPS.

  • Contractors keep copies of travel forms that DFPS approved in writing.

  • The contractor certifies travel expenses were incurred by staff while performing official contract business and maintains documentation supporting the purpose of the trip, points of departure and arrival, and specific times of departure and arrival.