Authority/Reference(s) TX HRC §40.058(b)1
Revision Date November 1, 2011


Statute requires DFPS to identify goals and outcomes for the services provided to clients. The Human Resource Code, Section 40.058 states:

(b) A contract for the purchase of program-related client services must include:

(1) clearly defined goals and outcomes that can be measured to determine whether the objectives of the program are being achieved....

Monitoring outputs and outcomes is essential to determine whether contractors achieve the performance goals as established in the contract. If the outputs and outcomes are contained in the contract and are within the contractor's control, they must be monitored. If monitoring is appropriate for a particular output or outcome and it is not contained in the monitoring tool, it may be added to the tool. If there is not a system to properly measure outputs or outcomes, then a system must be created, or the contract should be amended.

Once the outputs and outcomes have been monitored, contract staff must then determine the appropriate action (e.g., collection of disallowed costs, corrective action, contract remedy), if applicable.