Authority/Reference(s) DFPS Management
Revision Date July 1, 2014

A follow-up visit is a return visit with the contractor to ensure that the findings identified during the initial or prior monitoring visit have been resolved and to verify implementation of the required corrective action plan. Follow-up action may not require an onsite visit. Under certain circumstances, it may be acceptable, and appropriate, to conduct follow-up via a desk review, as opposed to a follow-up visit. However, when follow-up requires physical inspection that must be done onsite (e.g., verifying location, use and proper tagging of equipment), then a follow-up visit is necessary.

If it has been determined that a follow-up visit is needed to ensure correction of any initial or unresolved findings, the follow-up visit must be scheduled within 90 days of the date the finalized corrective action plan submitted by the contractor was approved or disapproved by the assigned DFPS contract staff. The follow-up review should be limited to testing transactions where errors were noted in the initial written contract monitoring report, and to verify correction of any initial or unresolved findings. The sampling methodology is required in a follow-up review, and the same forms of documentation that were required in the initial monitoring instructions are required for the follow-up.