Procurement Opportunities with DFPS (as well as with other agencies) can be viewed at the Electronic State Business Daily at

To view requests for proposals by DFPS please follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Electronic State Business Daily.
  2. Use the Name pulldown list to find the “Dept. of Family and Protective Services”.
    • Hint: Type the letter “D” in this field to get there quicker.
  3. In the Search Type field, use the pulldown list and select “Search Bid/Procurement Opportunities.
  4. In Order Results By field, use the pulldown list and select “Open Date Ascending.
  5. Click the GO button.  This will list all DFPS open procurements.
  6. Click on the Requisition Number to get more details on a specific item.
    • Links to the required documents are located at the bottom of each bid.