father holding daughter

What We Do

Fatherhood EFFECT (Educating Fathers for Empowering Children Tomorrow) programs provide parent education and resources to fathers. Beginning in fiscal year 2020, Fatherhood EFFECT’s scope expanded to include collaboration with community coalitions, encouraging organizations to increase the quality of supports targeted specifically at fathers and pivoting to explicitly include and support fathers across multiple programs in an organization or community.

Who we serve

Fathers and father figures to at least one child age 0-17.

Map of Providers and Communities

Map of Texas, showing providers across the state. For a text version of Fatherhood EFFECT providers, check the PEI Provider Directory.

For additional provider details, see the 2022 provider directory.

How We Measure Success

  • Children remain safe during services, within 1 year (99.4% in FY20) and 3 years (92.5% in FY20).
  • Increase in protective factors, such as family functioning and resiliency , social supports, and nurturing/attachment (92% of caregivers in FY20).

Program Data

  • Program Start Date: 2013
  • Target Number of Youth/Families Served Annually, FY22: 1,004
  • Average Number of Youth/ Families Served Per Month, FY21: 174
  • Counties Served: 9
  • Annual Budget for Community Contracts: $1,302,924
  • Total Number of Community Grantees: 7 Grantees, 1 Subgrantee
  • Average Grantee Budget: $186,132

Fatherhood EFFECT Success Story

DePelchin Childrens Center, Harris County

For Jeff, becoming a new father and navigating relationship issues with his son’s mother was extremely challenging. Jeff got involved with the 24/7 Dad® class just as he was on the verge of giving up on co-parenting.

Attending the class provided Jeff the opportunity to connect with other fathers, listen to their testimonies, and learn so much about himself.

“After completing the group, I feel equipped with knowledge and skills that have helped improve the relationship between my son’s mother and me. We aren’t the best of friends, but we get along better, compromise, and do what’s best for our son. It’s because of the 24/7 Dad® class and the awesome leaders of the Fatherhood program that I have a healthier relationship,” said Jeff.