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County DFPS Program Service Provider Phone Services Offered
BEXARCommunity Youth Development [learn more]Good Samaritan Community Services210-434-5531Youth based curriculum, recreational services, academic support services, mentoring, youth leadership development, and youth advisory council.
BEXARCommunity-Based Child Abuse Prevention [learn more]The Children's Shelter (Basic Parent Education)210-212-2597

210-212-2500 (24/7)
Parent education, case management and basic needs support.
BEXARCommunity-Based Family Services [learn more]Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Inc.210-242-3112


210-325-0602 (24/7)
Home visitation, parent education, support groups, resource and referrals.
BEXARServices to At-Risk Youth [learn more]BCFS Health and Human Services210-677-8877

210-283-5183 (24/7)
Crisis intervention and counseling, short-term counseling for at risk youth and their families, emergency care (youth shelter), youth life skills, and parenting classes.
BEXARStatewide Youth Services Network [learn more]Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star972-573-2339

888-887-2447 (24/7)
Community-based mentoring and school-based mentoring.
BEXARStatewide Youth Services Network [learn more]Texas Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs512-301-7711Boys and girls club experience, stay smart youth based curriculum, and smart leaders youth leadership development.
BEXARTexas Families: Together and Safe [learn more]BCFS Health and Human Services210-233-5923

210-832-5000 (24/7)
Parenting education and training, resource and referral.

Click the program name or contact the PEI staff members listed below to find out more about the types of services offered. All services may not be available in all Texas counties. The names and phone numbers for the contracted-service providers and PEI staff are updated every six months. They were last updated May 4, 2015.

Program Name/Email Phone
Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) Michael Hussey (512) 438-5957
Community-Based Family Services (CBFS) Kim Wilson (512) 776-2021
Community Youth Development (CYD) Mario Mokarzel (512) 438-2266
Healthy Outcomes through Prevention and Early Support (HOPES) Heather Thorp (512) 438-2074
Help through Intervention and Prevention (HIP) Clarice Rogers (512) 438-5763
Services to At-Risk Youth (STAR) Regan McGahan (512) 438-2020
Statewide Youth Services Network (SYSN) Mario Mokarzel (512) 438-2266
Texas Families: Together and Safe (TFTS) Clarice Rogers (512) 438-5763