Texas Department of Family and Protective Services About UsTexas Department of Family and Protective Services About Us

Did you know...

  • More than 400 people from around the state have joined the Texas Prevention Network since July 2015.
  • PEI and the Texas Home Visiting program will merge into a single organization in 2016 focusing on improving the well-being of children, youth and families.
  • PEI's proposed five-year strategic plan will be released in the Spring of 2016 for public comment.

What is Texas Prevention Network (TPN)?

Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) and Texas Home Visiting program have come together to fund a network of service providers who work with Texas children and their families to reduce the risk of child abuse, neglect, juvenile delinquent behavior and other negative outcomes. These providers work on strengthening families through counseling, parenting classes, home visitation, youth development programs, and other support services.

The TPN Infographic shows through the ecological model how families can be impacted. The TPN is where collaboration and prevention unite against child abuse and neglect. TPN will strive to make a measurable difference, foster creativity and respect, and promote awareness and publicity of important issues. The TPN will be comprised of individuals from the following groups: community members, faith-based community, local governments, academia, advocacy groups, prevention and early intervention, providers of prevention services, law enforcement, non-profits, legal system, school districts, and the medical community.
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PEI is currently creating a five year plan, as directed by statute. We will include the expertise of participants in our statewide network to help inform the plan. TPN members include representatives from the following sectors:

  • Legal system
  • Law Enforcement
  • Advocacy groups
  • Faith-based community
  • Medical community
  • Researchers/Higher education
  • Providers of prevention services
  • State and local governments
  • School districts

PEI is excited to transform the health and well-being of Texas families and promote a safe environment for children, by providing effective, collaborative resources to parents.

If you would like to join the TPN Listserv please complete this short survey. If you have any questions, please contact us at dfpstpn@dfps.state.tx.us. We look forward to working with you.

Think Tanks

PEI has created six short-term think tanks to address the important issues of the PEI five year plan. Each Think Tank is co-chaired by an internal PEI or Texas Home Visiting staff member and an external chair. These think tanks will be active between September and December 2015.

Think Tank#1:Supporting Evidence-Based Programming <br>Think Tank#2:Research & Evaluation<br>Think Tank#3:Service&Program Coordination<br>Think Tank#4:Sustainability<br>Think Tank#5:Continuum of Prevention Services<br>Think Tank#6:Contractor Relations

* Role of Review Committee: The Review Committee will consist of think tank co-chairs and PEI leadership leads. The committee's primary function is to act as network liaisons between PEI and the think tanks and provide consultation to PEI on think tank activities and work products. The Review Committee will review work products that come out of the think tanks planning process and provide feedback on the strategic plan written by PEI.

Think Tank Co-Chair Announcement

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