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New Video: The Rules of Safe Sleep

Watch this new video to learn the ABC's of safe sleeping for your baby!


Always Give Babies Room to Breathe!

On average, almost 400 Texas babies die in their sleep each year - suddenly, unexpectedly, and without a clear explanation or due to accidental suffocation or strangulation. That's why it is so important to always give babies "Room to Breathe."

The ABC's of Infant sleep:

  • A - Sleep alone
  • B - On their backs with no blankets or bedding
  • C - In a crib and cool (70 degrees)
  • S - In a smoke free environment


  • Do put babies to sleep alone on their backs in a crib or on another firm surface with a tight-fitting bottom sheet. If the baby leaves an impression on the mattress, the surface is too soft.
  • Do keep babies away from second hand smoke.
  • Do dress the baby, not the bed - dress the child lightly and control the room temperature. 70 degrees is ideal.
  • Do breast feed and use pacifiers as both are associated with a lower risk of sudden death.


  • Don't put a baby to sleep with blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, or bumper pads inside the crib.
  • Don't cover a baby's face or allow a baby to cover its face with anything.
  • Don't let an infant sleep with older children.
  • Don't ever sleep with an infant if you are drunk, under the influence of illegal drugs or medications that make you sleepy, or when extremely tired.
  • Don't put a baby to sleep on or sleep with a baby on chairs, sofas, futons, beanbags, or cushions.
  • Don't put babies to sleep on soft mattresses such as pillow-tops, waterbeds, or memory foam. If the baby leaves an impression in the mattress, it's too soft.
  • Don't expose babies to secondhand smoke.