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Child Drownings

Thirty-eight kids have drowned in Texas in 2015. We can prevent these tragedies if we all Watch Kids around Water!

Water is a great way to beat the heat but summer is also when children are most likely to drown. Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death for kids under the age of five and toddlers are especially at risk. Drowning can happen in almost any amount of water, indoors or outdoors.

Never leave a child unsupervised around water, inside or outside of the house. It only takes a few minutes for a child to drown.

2015 Child Drownings in Texas



County List Drownings Age-Yrs Gender Circumstance/Site
Bastrop 1 1 M Septic Tank
Bexar 1 3 M Lake
Bell 1 11 M Culvert
Brazoria 3 1 F Bath tub
1 F Bath tub
3 M Pond
Cameron 2 14 M Bay
4 M Pool (Apartment)
Collin 2 4 M Pool (Backyard)
5 M Pool (Backyard)
Comal 1 7 M Pool (Backyard)
Dallas 7 2 months F Intentional (pending)
11 F Pool (Backyard)
14 M Storm Drain
14 M Creek
10 F Pool (Apartment)
9 M Pool (Apartment)
11 M Pool (Apartment)
Denton 1 3 F Hot Tub
DeWitt 1 1 M Pool (Backyard)
Freestone 1 3 M Pond
Ft. Bend 1 4 M Pond
Galveston 2 5 F Marina
12 F Beach
Harris 1 9 M Pool (Backyard)
Hays 1 6 M River flood
Henderson 1 4 M Lake
Hood 1 3 M Lake
Nueces 3 7 M Beach
10 M Beach
14 M Beach
Parker 1 15 F Stock Tank
Polk 1 7 F Pool (Hotel/Motel)
Rains 1 3 M Pool (Backyard)
Tarrant 1 1 M Pool (Backyard)
Travis 1 15 F Lake (Travis)
Webb 1 6 M Pool (Backyard)
Williamson 1 3 M Pool (Backyard)
Total 38