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Parents Guide

frustrated motherThe confidential hotline is answered by staff and volunteers who are dedicated to helping families in need of assistance. After assessing your problems, advocates will help you consider options, explore the facts, and develop a sensible plan of action.

Contact the Texas Youth Hotline at 1-800-989-6884.

Runaway Youth Information

We realize that when children run away, they are usually the ones in control of communication - not the parents. Our staff and volunteers will discuss options and may be able to give you some helpful tips in re-establishing communication. We are here for both parents and youths.

The myth about waiting periods to report a missing child

There is no law requiring a waiting period for reporting missing children to the police, or for entering their information into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer system. However, police department procedures vary. Contact the Texas Youth Hotline for further information.

If you believe your child is missing due to foul play, immediately contact your local police department.